Aladdin Network Terms of Service:

1. Religious extremist posts cannot be created.
2. No posts are acceptable that insult or incite other religions.
3. You may not used any pictures, texts or videos that cause disorder or violence in the society or country.
4. You may not post any pictures, videos or content that incite rape or sex.
5. You have to maintain Aladdin's dress code to post any pictures.
6. Adult women must have to clothes from knee to neck to post any pictures. Bikini pictures cannot be acceptable in any situation.
7. Adult male photo must have to clothes from knee to waist. Even if there is any necessary documentary picture, it has to be blurred. Otherwise the authority may delete it along with the ID.
8. You cannot post any porn types pictures or videos. If you do this, your ID will be deleted even if your ID is verified.

9. Spam content or text marketing cannot be allowed.
10. Popular hashtags should not be used on unnecessary, unimportant or irrelevant topics.
11. Fake news cannot be spread.

The terms of service of Aladdin network are changeable at any time.

Last updated on: April 14, 2021